French security door

Your doors are an integral part of your property that should be beautiful and welcoming as well as secure and sturdy.

Custom Security Doors in Atlanta GA

French Doors

Any of the door designs you see can be made into a double door. These doors work just like your existing French doors, opening on both sides with one side being locked until you need to open it to move something large. We will build to the exact size of your doors. The French Doors have a pry guard that goes down the middle of the 2 doors preventing a pry guard from getting in between..

  • All Doors Come Standard with ¼” Steel Plate Installed on the Frame to Reinforce the Lock Area
  • ¼” Flat Steel Pry Guard across the top and entire Lock Side of All Doors
  • All Doors are Built with 16 Gauge Steel Tubing and ½” Solid Steel Bars
  • All Doors are Custom Built and Hand Fabricated to Fit Your Opening
  • Installed with Tamper Resistant Security Screws and Security Hinges
  • Most Doors have the Option to be Installed with Glass or Insect Screen
  • Lock Hardware to Match Your Entry Door Locks (Brass, Polished Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze)

Ornamental Security Door vs. The “Competition”


French Security Doors

French doors add a touch of class to your home. We further add certain security features to it that make our French doors complete. We install heavy duty security side bolts on the stationary door so breaking in, simply doesn’t remain a possibility. 16-gauge steel tubing is used to build these doors, making them even more secure for you and your family.

  • Built exactly like our Single Doors
  • Both Sides Open with Full 180 Degree Range of Motion
  • 2″ x ¼” Steel Plate Installed Over Lock Area to Guard the Lock
  • Heavy Duty Keyed Security Slide Bolts Installed on Top and Bottom of Stationary Door

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