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You No Longer Have to Choose Between Security and Appearance. Ornamental Security Offers Products That are Secure and Look Great on ANY Home.

Clearview Security Doors, Clearview Security Windows, & Invisible Security Bars Atlanta GA

Clearview Security Doors

Our Clearview Security Doors offer you all the beauty and function of a storm door and the benefits of a Security Door. Our Steel Security Door is stronger than anything you will find at a Big Box Store and can withstand extreme burglary attempts. Our Clearview doors come with Polycarbonate Non-Breakable Glass that is ¼ inches thick and keeps intruders from entering your property.

  • Built with 16 Gauge Steel Tubing
  • ¼” Thick Polycarbonate Non Breakable Glass, UV Treated
  • 1 ¼” x ¼” Steel Pry Guard Across the Top and Entire Lock Side
  • ¼” Steel Plate Installed on Frame to Reinforce the Lock Area
  • Installed with 3 Security Hinges
Clearview Security Windows

These Clear Custom Security Windows go over your existing windows. We frame our Unbreakable Glass in steel and mount it to your home with Security Screws. We use 1/4″ Polycarbonate to protect your window which is also UV treated to protect from fading and yellowing over time. These can also be built to open for an emergency if needed.

Invisible Security Bars

Most HOA’s do not allow bars. We can get around that with our Invisible Security Bars. These are bars that are custom built to match the existing grid pattern in your windows. If your windows are clear, then it just gives the window the appearance of having a grid. We can install our Invisible Security Bars on the Inside or the Outside in most cases. Inside installation is the most discreet method, especially when aesthetics are most important.

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