Burglar Bars Atlanta

Custom Built Invisible Security Bars, Security Screens, Unbreakable Glass Security Windows, Ornamental Security Has a Variety of Options to Secure Your Windows.

Sturdy Steel Bars for Serious Protection

Burglar Bars

Burglar Bars are an Essential Part of Home Security. We Have a Variety of Styles to Choose From and We Can Paint Your Burglar Bars Any Color You Like.

  • Built with ½” x ½” Solid Steel Bars
  • Custom Built to Fit Your Window Perfectly
  • Installed with 3″ Security Screws Directly into the Studs of Your Window Case
  • Emergency/Fire Exit Models Available
Invisible Security Bars

Maintain the aesthetics of your house without negotiating on safety. Our Invisible Security Bars are designed to match the grid pattern of your window. This allows them to remain invisible. The use of top-quality materials for manufacturing and a professional installation, make our Invisible Security Bars perfect for your house.

Fire Exit Burglar Bars

Any of our burglar bar designs can be built with the ability to open in case of a fire. Our fire exits come standard with a double deadbolt lock the can be opened simply by turning a key. We also offer keyless fire exit windows.

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